Tenor Ukulele (Hihi)

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My Hihi (pronounced "hee hee") tenor ukulele models make use of some of the most unique and exciting woods. I sometimes have exquisite pieces of timber too small for larger instruments and these can often be employed in the service of the ukulele and consequently my Hihi models can exhibit the most unique and stunning timbers of all my instruments. Among the tonewoods are native New Zealand species as well as some of the most beautiful exotics from around the world.

The Hihi has a musicality and tone that make it a concert quality instrument ideally suited to the solo performer though they will of course shine in any ensemble.

The Hihi has a slotted headstock with high quality Waverly tuners and is embellished with NZ paua purfling. You can choose from a selection of rosettes or ask for a custom design.
They are priced on an individual basis depending on the woods chosen and other appointments. Prices start at $3400

Custom designed rosettes and inlays as well as many other options are available upon request. If you have a special project in mind I welcome your inquiry.





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