Miscellaneous Timber

I use a wide variety of woods from New Zealand as well as from around the world for decorative purposes. From binding to rosettes and purfling and extending to custom made tuner buttons and bridge pins. Using woods in this way helps unify different elements of an instrument and provides a visual theme.

These decorative timbers do not impact on the sound of an instrument and though there are structural considerations, by and large it is possible to utilise most woods so if you have a special request let me know.

Some of the species I use include:

Amboyna Burl
Ancient kauri
Buckeye burl
Macassar Ebony

buckeye buttons buttons amboyna macassar buttons
  Tuner buttons - Buckeye Burl Tuner buttons - Amboyna Burl Tuner buttons - Macassar Ebony

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