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Motuhake -Tui cutaway

Leading the introduction of a new line of stunning NZ Riverwood instruments, this Tui model features back and side tonewood from Motuhake, a tree salvaged from the New Zealand Northland river systems. All natural colour, this tonewood offers an eco positive alternative to the traditional rosewoods.

List Price $10,720

***Special introductory offer $8,000***

Motuhake -Tui 12F 25"scale

A new NZ Riverwood series instrument featuring Motuhake tonewood for the back and sides this instruments is 12 frets to body with a shorter 25" scale length.

List Price $9,670

***Special introductory offer $7,250***

River Rimu -Tui cutaway

Adding to the selection of new NZ Riverwood is this unique example of rimu, one of New Zealands most valued timber. This salvaged river rimu has beautiful grain, aged and darkened by the river where it had been preserved for hundreds of years.

List Price $9,970

***Special introductory offer $7,480***

Ancient Kauri -Tui cutaway

Tui model with golden #410 series ancient kauri back and sides with beautiful wave and 'whitebait' figure.

Price $10,470