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Acoustic guitar - Tui model

Designed for the fingerstylist, the Tui model has superb balance and clarity of tone. It has a wide dynamic range making it more expressive and nuanced for the virtuoso player. Whether you play in the world's grandest concert halls or in the privacy of your home the Tui is built to inspire.

The lower bout is 15 3/4" and has a depth at the tailblock of 4 1/2"
For the cutaway option it features a sculpted, low profile, heel-to-cutaway body transition allowing comfortable access to the higher frets.

Some of the standard features you can expect when buying a Tui model are:

  • All solid tonewoods
  • Totara neck
  • Ebony fingerboard and bridge
  • All solid wood binding
  • A choice of rosettes from one of my own designs
  • Water buffalo bone nut and saddle
  • Gotoh 510 series machine heads
  • Evo gold frets (harder than standard nickel silver)
  • 25.5" scale length
  • High quality full gloss hand rubbed finish
  • ABS hardshell case (upgradeble to custom Hoffee carbon fibre case)

Options can include but are not limited to:

  • Your choice of a range of soundboards including my¬†Waingarara kauri
  • Your choice of back and sides including¬†ancient kauri
  • Williams Signature Series
  • NZ paua purfling on top, headstock and fingerboard
  • Custom designed rosettes
  • Burl veneer top purfling
  • Custom made tuner buttons, bridge pins, strap buttons
  • Bevel
  • Custom designed inlays
  • Pickups of your choice installed

Acoustic guitar - Kiwi model

Sharing many of the characteristics of the Tui model, the Kiwi is smaller and emphasises more in the mid range while maintaining all the finese and expressiveness of it's larger cousin.

It is also my most versatile model.

I build the Kiwi in two configurations: a 12 fret-to-body set up as well as the 14 fret-to-body version.

The normal scale length for the Kiwi is 25" but I do build it with the longer 25.5" scale so it is very adaptable to a wide range of styles and players.

The lower bout is 14 7/8" and has a depth at the tailblock of 3 15/16"

All the standard and custom options available for the Tui are also available for the Kiwi model.


Signature Electric guitar - Limited Edition Series

The design references a mix of my favourite electric designs with some subtle tweaks that tie everything together into a classy and very smooth and functional instrument. What you can't see is the concealed hollow body construction which reduces weight and, coupled with the length of the upper horn and the reduced weight and size of the headstock, results in a very well-balanced instrument. And lastly, to add a bit of magic, I have designed these guitars around a 25 11/40" scale length. I know the guitar geeks are scratching their heads at this point and saying "why not 25 1/4"?" Well, it gives the instrument a slightly different character and feel because....why not?
Check out the short demo on Youtube here, as well as quotes from the happy owners of the first Series instruments.

The guitars feature top-of-the-line hardware, including:

  • Tom Anderson pickups made in the USA.
  • 510 series Gotoh tremolo and tuning machines in cosmo black.
  • Stainless steel frets and a two-stage, parabolic neck relief profile, which provide super smooth, low action.
  • Limited Edition: Series 2

    A new Signature Electric, second limited edition, series is almost ready to purchase.  The first series of river wood electrics sold out within a few hours so you might like to register your interest in Series 2 ahead of the official launch.
  • The instruments will have the same specifications as the Limited Edition Series 1, but no two with exactly the same in wood selection.
  • There will be eight instruments in the Limited Edition Series 2, offered at fixed prices from $4,500 with some upwards of perhaps $8,000 depending on final embellishments
  • There will be several instruments to choose from within each price range.
  • If you don't want to risk missing out, you can put your name on the list and reserve your right to purchase from the available instruments today!



    The Hihi (pronounced "hee hee") tenor ukulele has a musicality and tone and playability that make it a concert quality instrument ideally suited to the solo performer though they will shine in any ensemble.

    My Hihi models make use of some of the most unique and exciting woods. I sometimes have exquisite pieces of timber too small for larger instruments and these can often be employed in the service of the ukulele and consequently my Hihi models can exhibit the most unique and stunning timbers of all my instruments.
    Among the tonewood options are native New Zealand species as well as some of the most beautiful exotics from around the world.

    The Hihi has a slotted headstock with high quality Waverly tuners and is embellished with NZ paua purfling. You can choose from a selection of rosettes or ask for a custom design. They are priced on an individual basis depending on the woods chosen and other appointments. Prices start at $3400.

    Some of the standard features you can expect on my Hihi tenor ukulele are:

    • All solid tonewoods
    • Totara neck
    • Ebony fingerboard and bridge
    • All solid wood binding
    • A choice of rosettes from one of my own designs
    • Mammoth tusk, or Buffalo horn nut and saddle
    • Waverly machine heads
    • Evo gold frets (harder than standard nickel silver)
    • Hihi motif on the twelfth fret on fingerboard
    • High quality full gloss hand rubbed finish
    • Hardshell case

    Many custom options and choices are available. Please inquire for more information.